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"I came here in a big ball of confusion. You helped me see some clarity. I asked a million questions & you all answered them without getting frustrated... I feel so humbled for the fact that you don't have all the answers, just as I don't but that's okay! I learned we are all human & we do struggle with the same questions ‐ you're all still living regardless of those that you're still not yet answered. I intend to too'

Maytree won't judge you or expect anything of you. We're here to listen to you and offer you a supportive environment where you can express yourself freely. Our house is your home for the stay and we are all here to support you, answer questions and discover more about each other and our hopes and opportunities for the future. It might surprise you to learn that suicide or not knowing how to carry on can pass through anyone's mind if they are depressed, feeling trapped or faced with an apparently insoluble situation. We believe that listening, exploring and understanding a person's suicidal thoughts and feelings are the first steps in coming through a suicidal crisis. Our guests tell us it is a relief to use the word suicide, and be heard but not judged. It takes away the stigma and opens up opportunities for positive change and renewed hope.

"You understood how difficult things were for me. You bought clarity to my life and situation, and allowed me to see patterns, and understand my problems and start to see a way out"

    Contact Maytree on 020 7263 7070 to talk about yourself or someone that you care about.


Our house offers a free 4-night stay to people from anywhere in the UK contemplating suicide. It's an ordinary house in a quiet area of Finsbury Park, North London, with a beautiful garden and plenty of space to talk and reflect.

At the house there is always someone to talk to, a calming voice and plenty of warmth, compassion and understanding. Our team will encourage you to discuss freely and in depth your suicidal thoughts and fears, and explore ways to help you cope.

Often guests like to sit in the kitchen or garden with befrienders and talk over a cuppa.

Before you are offered a stay a member of our team will talk you through the stay and what you need to bring.

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