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Painless Suicide

Painless Suicide

There is no such thing as a painless suicide. A technique to end your life might be painless for you, however suicide is extremely traumatic for the people who are left behind. You might be thinking you are on your own, and that you have no one to confide in and that no one cares what happens to you. The truth is very different. People who lose someone they love to suicide can experience painful feelings of:

Painless Suicide - there is no such thing..

If you are suffering from suicidal thoughts, you may find it difficult to recognize the support networks that are available to you. Lots of our guests tell us about how they had become completely isolated from their friends and family. If you feel that this is happening to you, call Maytree. We can help you find people to talk to and re-connect you with your support networks.

Maytree works by helping you, or someone you care about address your problems and see your options, and supports you in making choices about your life. Maytree empowers people and helps them to recognise and understand their thoughts. Whilst we don't have all the answers, sometimes it is helpful to hear other people talk about how they cope and what techniques they use.

People ask us about who typically ends their life by suicide. The truth is we don't know. Maytree sees all kinds of people with different backgrounds and problems. The one thing they have in common is that they have suicidal thoughts or attempts. There are some warning signs that a person is thinking about ending their life. It is important to take seriously any talk about suicide or any indication that suicide is a possibility.

People who are thinking of ending their life can demonstrate some of the following signs:

What should you do if someone you know is behaving in this way?

People who are actively suicidal need someone to talk to. Often, it is difficult for them to reach out to the people closest to them because they might be afraid of not being understood, or of burdening their loved ones and friends with dark thoughts. You may also feel uncomfortable or unprepared to handle some of the subjects they want to discuss, which is perfectly natural. Maytree can advise you on what to do. You can tell your friend or loved one and about Maytree and urge them to get in touch. Sometimes, just knowing someone cares and is willing to help them through these difficult and uncertain times can be very beneficial.

If you are worried about yourself or someone else you can contact
Maytree on 020 7263 7070 or email us at maytree@maytree.org.uk

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