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Arranging a Stay

You can telephone or email us about yourself or someone you would like to refer or put in touch with us. Any contact is completely confidential, with no pressure to take it further if you don’t want to. Maytree is open for calls and emails 24 hours a day, so if your call goes through to voicemail, please leave your name and contact details, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Whether your initial contact is by telephone or email, we will welcome you telling us about the crisis you are experiencing and your thoughts and feelings, which will allow us to begin to get to know you. If you are feeling desperately alone, this itself may be a relief and help. It is also an opportunity for us to tell you more about what Maytree can offer and how we work.

Maytree Kitchen

The next step, which is sometimes almost immediate if the situation demands it, is to arrange an assessment. This will be either a time for you to come to the house or, if you are not within easy reach, for one of the team to speak to you on the phone. The assessment is no more than an informal conversation, but it is a time to explore things more fully with you, to get to know you and your needs, and to form a view about whether a stay might be a help to you. Sadly, we are not the right place for everyone. If we can’t meet your needs for some reason, we’ll do our best to think of someone who can.

During your stay...

Maytree Garden

As a guest at Maytree, you'll have...

We have a strict policy of no alcohol or drugs, apart from prescribed medication.

And afterwards?

Because of the way Maytree works, and we can only offer a short, one-off stay. During your stay, we will discuss further support you may need from other agencies, such as counselling, financial advice or finding a safe place to live.

Things to remember...
  • The first step is to give us a call or email .
  • An assessment - an essential step - can be arranged quickly, face to face or by telephone.
  • There is no charge for guests.
  • Maytree is not a drop-in centre.
  • During your stay you are free to come and go as you please.
  • No alcohol or drugs are allowed in Maytree during your stay.
  • After assessment, Maytree can offer a one-off four-night stay. During your time here, we can help you identify how you might receive effective and on-going support after leaving.
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